Infographic Assignment (plus $1000 in scholarship money)

CenturyLink is offering $1000 in scholarship money for winning entries in their InfoGraphic design competition.

1. What is an InfoGraphic and why are they useful?

Infographics present facts and statistics in an interesting fashion.  See Pictochart's Top 10 Infographics of 2013 for some good examples.


2. What tools do we have to make InfoGraphic creation useful?



3. What is the process for creating a successful infographic?

  1. Do you research.  Create a list of at least 10 facts about your subject.
  2. Ask yourself "What type of graphics fit with your topic?" Is the topic about people? computers? jobs? technology?  What are some common images associated with this subject?
  3. Ask yourself "What types of graphs would show the numbers best? (pie chart, bar chart, tables, line graph etc)
  4. Pre-sketch your idea.  Draw a rough draft with a paper and pencil. Put in the title, columns, graphs, images, flow charts, picture frames.
  5. Create the poster with your favorite tool.

3. Where do I get the details about the scholarship?