Who and Where?

Shad Sluiter Westview High School Employee of Month

StudyOffice.org was created by Shad David Sluiter, Information Technology teacher at Westview High School, Avondale, AZ.


Portfolio of Pages and Apps - Projects and tutorials created by Shad Sluiter

PHP and mySQL

  • Jokes Database - PHP and mySQL tutorial project for beginners.  Learn how to create a database and run the basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations using a database of Jokes.  You can follow the tutorial steps on Shad's YouTube Channel.


You can see the tutorial for these lessons on Shad's YouTube channel.

JavaScript and jQuery

You can see the tutorial for these lessons on Shad's YouTube channel.

  • Map App - Example of using absolute positioning in CSS, jQuery selectors and modify CSS properties.
  • Race Car Game - jQuery animation in this betting game.  
  • Love Match - jQuery functions and CSS manipulation.
  • Find Primes - jQuery/JavaScript for creating functions.
  • Mad Libs - jQuery example for selecting and replacing <div> sections.
  • Rock Scissors Paper - jQuery/Javascript example using random numbers, if statements, <div> replacements.
  • Roman Numeral Convertor - jQuery/Javascript example using while loops and string operations.
  • Jokes App - jQuery example of hide and show functions.


  • Comments - Using react.js, construct a dynamically updated page to record comments on a page.


Student Projects based on Sluiter's Dot Chaser Tutorial.  Projects emphasize object oriented programming concepts.

  • Angela - control with mouse.
  • Jay - control with arrow keys.
  • Damien - catch the cheese slices.
  • Hao - use arrow keys.
  • John - another dot chaser.
  • Shannon - wide view.
  • Thien - full-screen.

Student projects based on Sluiter's Building Bomber Tutorial

  • Brandon - Use arrow keys to move and drop bombs.
  • Jayson - Another building bomber.

Pong - students first experience with designing a game from scratch without the aid of a tutorial

  • Pong - the ultimate classic


Tolleson Union High School District

The lessons are used in all of the high schools in the Tolleson Unified High School District by the following teachers:

  1. Shad Sluiter - Westview High School
  2. Elena Sobampo - University High School
  3. Debbi Kuehn - La Joya High School
  4. Debra Zurcher - Tolleson High School
  5. Joe Dean - Sierra Linda High School
  6. Larry Thomas - Copper Canyon High School
  7. Nicholas Gehrts - Westview High School



 Career and Technical Education Teachers at Tolleson High School District


More than Microsoft Office

StudyOffice.org was originally designed to teach mainly Microsoft Office also has material for Software Development and Introduction to Information Technology.  

The section titled Web Development includes lessons on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, PHP, mySQL, React.js, Angular and PhoneGap.

The section titled Software Development includes lessons on JavaScript for Object Oriented Coding, C# for Windows and Unity 3D applications, Java for Android Mobile Appications.