Computer Programming Learning Units


Unit 1. Block Programming - Learn Coding through Puzzles and Art Robots

 Grade Objective - Complete all levels of puzzles.




Unit 2. Construct 2

Construct Directions

1. Follow the tutorials below to create three different games.

2. Improve these games by substituting your own graphics, adding sound effects or adding new levels.

Here is a tutorial for how to add sounds.

Here is 

Download resources - images and sounds

Construct image pack

Construct sounds pack

List of links to other graphic packages


Video Tutorials

a. Asteroids - shooter game

b. Mario Bros - Platform Game 

c. Angry Birds - Physics Game 

d. Airplane Shooter Game  

Text Tutorials

e. Space Asteroids

f. PacMan

g. Memory Match

h. Breakout

i. Flappy Bird

j. Save the Monkeys

k. Tower Defense Game


Game enhancements

Make a timer

Pathfinding - making your enemies smarter

Make a fancy lifebar

Game Maps - Revealing Secrets

Make a ladder for a platform game

More Advanced Enhancements

Create a radar screen to track enemies

Move your game to an iPad

Gravity-based platformer

How to save a game


Wall jumping in platform games

Double Jump in Platforms

More about physics effects

Keep track of high scores



Unit 3. App Inventor - Use Block Programming to Create Android Phone Applications

Part 1 - Introduction Apps.

Create all four of the apps in the following link

Part 2 - Choose 3 or more

Select at least one app from each category and create it according to the instructions.  Each category will show you a different type of app that you can create with Android.

A. Graphical Games

B. App Interface Items

 C. Web Connection Programs

Step 3 - Create your own app

Design your own game or utility.  Use what you learned in the previous links.  Improve them.  Add another level of difficulty. Combine one or more functions from several lessons to make your own app.





Unit 4. Mindstorms - Build Lego Robots and Program them with Block Programming 

Mindstorms Directions

1. Choose one of the designs listed in the link above.

2. Build the model and program it exactly as the instructions show.

3. Make your own modifications to the physical design and to the program to make the robot do something better.  For example, instead of just following a straight line, build a robot that can follow criss-cross lines.  Or improve the ball coaster to have two tracks - one track to send the red ball and the blue ball on another track.

4. Record and edit a video that shows (1) the first design of your model (2) a view of the program on the computer screen with an explanation of what it does (3) the changes you made to improve the robot.

Mindstorm Grade Scale

  • The Mindstorms robotic challenge is an extra credit grade since not everyone in the class will have time to participate.  
  • You may work with one or two other people.
  • Near the end of the school year, the class will view all the robot project videos and vote on the most inventive design changes.

Letter Grade

  • D = Build something but lacks ability to work.
  • C = Build one of the units listed in the link above.
  • B = Make a modification in the physical design and the programming.  Customize it to do something better or different.
  • A = Create a video documenting the original project and an explanation of the improvements you made.







Unit 5. JavaScript - Learn coding techniques with real JavaScript syntax

a. Kahn Academy Javascript - Part 1


b. Code Academy


c. Kahn Academy Javascript - Part 2 Games and Visualizations








Unit 6. HTML and CSS







Unit 7. PHP

a. Process forms

b. Store and retrieve data from SQL databases

c. Use PHP to interact with mobile apps (app inventor)






Unit 8. Visual Basic






Unit 9. C#





Unit 10. Java for Android apps