Illustrator is a professional development tool for making scalable computer graphics.


Part 1 - Icons with Illustrator

We'll start off with simple designs to introduce you to the drawing tools of Illustrator.

You can see these tutorials on this Vimeo channel and YouTube.



Part 2 - Cartoon Tutorials

1. Complete five of the tutorials for cartoons on the M: drive.  Save each of them to your H: drive.

2. Create your own version of a cartoon character using the techniques you saw in the cartoon tutorials.  You may use an existing cartoon as inspiration.

3. Arrange the six cartoon images on a single piece of paper.  Send the final version of your document to your teacher. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will print the final product to a sticker page.


Part 3 - Logo Design

The Logo Design Bootcamp from A to Z features 26 examples of logo designs. Choose two of the designs based on the first letter of your first and last name. 


Part 4 – Product Box Design

Re-create a box of cereal.  

a. Follow the design of a real cereal box as a model using six sides, ingredients, nutrition, coupons, bar codes etc.

b. Invent your own name for the cereal.  You can use an original name or mimic an existing name brand.

c. Incorporate one of your cartoons on the cereal box.

d. Design your own logo for the cereal company.


Part 5 - Google Doodle Contest

Use Illustrator to complete in this year's Google Doodle contest... for details.