About Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is an animation tool used for cartoons, info graphics, advertisements and presentation graphics. The drawing tools of Photoshop and Illustrator combine with a timeline to create a power animation tool.



 1. Frame by Frame animation tutorials

There are two types of animation techniques in Flash, "Frame by Frame animation" and "Tweening".  In frame-by-frame animation, the artist must draw each picture in the movie.  In tweening, the artist draws and places an image at the starting and ending point.  Flash takes care of drawing the "in between" frames. Frame by frame is simpler to learn, but more time-consuming. 

Each of the first three activities will show you several techniques to create a frame-by-frame animation. Send your finished files to your teacher.

  1. 01 Apple - Show an apple being eaten one bite at a time.   Show each of the bites as the food disappears, leaving nothing but an apple core.
  2. 02 Pizza - Show a pizza being eaten.  Similar to the apple, but with some additional drawing techniques. 
  3. 03 Candle - Candle burning and growing shorter.  Show the wax building up at the base of the candle as it shrinks.
  4. 04 Handwriting - Show your name being written in cursive.


 2. Tween Animation Tutorial

Tween animation allows you to set the beginning point and ending point of an object and allow Flash to fill in the frames in between.  "Hit and Run" is a simple introduction to classic tweens.  Send your finished files to your teacher.

  1. Hit and Run Part 1
  2. Hit and Run Part 2


3. Create your own animation

Choose one of these choices below to create your own 10 to 30 second animation.  The goal of this exercise is to create animations using automatic tweening.  Keep the scene simple with only one event in your storyline.  Save your full-length movie idea for later.  Send your finished files to your teacher.

  1. Two angry birds launch and collide.  One of them explodes in a cloud of feathers.
  2. Bowling ball and pin collision.  The ball rolls down the alley, strikes the pins, which fall down or fly away in an explosion.
  3. Create a race where three different colored objects begin the race, drive around a track while bumping into each other and one of them wins a close finish.
  4. Show a scene where a frog is waiting on a log.  A fly buzzes around him in loops.  After he lands, the frog eats him with his sticky tongue.
  5. Create a scene where a UFO sucks up a cow from the pasture and flies away.
  6. Show a fish swimming through some seaweed.  A larger fish (monster?) waiting in the shadows devours him.
  7. Create a similar scene of your choice.  Keep the scene simple with only one event in your story line.

4. Muvizu


FBLA Project – Promotional Video

Many companies are required to protect the environment and “go green.”  Use 3D animation in a promotional/marketing video to show the importance of going green as an important business sustainability step.