In this exercise, you will learn about password cracking - how to secure yourself from attackers and how to break into a password protected document.

 password crack

1. Watch the video, Password Cracking 101. 

2. Download the Excel and Word Password Recovery tool.  It is nearly identical to the program shown in the Password Cracking video except it is designed to crack Word and Excel passwords rather than PDF documents.

if you cannot download zip files you can download this "zix" file and then rename it. 



3. Unzip (expand) the file and run the program inside.  The file name you need to run is FreeWordExcel.exe


Instructions for unzipping a file...


1. Download the file

2. Open the downloads folder

3. Right click on the zip archive and choose Extract All


4. Wait for the unzipping process to complete


5. You can now delete the original zip file.  The new folder contains the unzipped files you need.


4. Included in the zip file are 2 Excel spreadsheet files and 3 Word document files that are password protected.  Try and open each document.  You should be asked for a password.

5. Use the program to crack the passwords of each document.  The shorter passwords (4 and 5 characters) will be opened almost immediately.  How much time will it take your computer to guess the 6 character password? One of the document's passwords is so long and complex that your computer will never finish the process.  Instead, the password is given to you in the file name.  Inside each document is a secret message.