Microsoft Office - Part B

This section covers the two analytic tools in the Office suite, Excel and Access.  

1. Microsoft Excel

  1. Payroll Part 1
  2. Payroll Part 2
  3. Payroll Part 3
  4. Grade book
  5. Career Decision Factors
  6. Sales Data Report - Use this file to start 
  7. Car Fleet Database - Use this file to start 

 You can view the videos at Vimeo or YouTube.



Excel Problem Solvers 

These assignments give partial solutions to a problem and will guide to you to a solution using Excel.

a. Part 1 - Solve four problems with Excel spreadsheets

b. Part 2 - Solve six problems. Watch the explanation videos at Vimeo or YouTube and then solve the problem with this document (link to Pdf).


2. Microsoft Access




1. Build a Simple Store Cash Register Application  (YouTube)

This 8 part video playlist will show you how to create an application that uses the four main parts of a database.  It stores data in tables, accepts input in forms, sorts and filters data in queries and displays data in forms.


2. Catch the thief

Using clues gathered from a crime scene, use your database of criminal suspect data to find the thief.

a. Download the spreadsheet used in the video here

b. Watch the video to gather the clues using Access.