Following are links to files being used for Westview FBLA competitive events.


1. Coding and Programming - Thien Kieu

Green Life Access Database - Requires Microsoft Access or Access Runtime at 


2.  Publication Design - Shannon Byrne

Draggie's Adventures - JPEG images - JPEG and AI files (larger)


3. Graphic Design - Uri Ruiz and Damien Hernandez

Family Entertainment Center PDF files


4. E-Commerce - Thien Kieu

1. Download the web server and application 

2. Unzip the file.

3. Open the USBWebserver folder.  Double click the application titled "usbwebserver"

4. The Apache and MySQL servers should automatically start.  If they do not start, click the Apache button and the MySQL buttons and start the services.

5. On the General tab, click the "localhost" button.  This should open a web browser.

6. Choose the "wordpress" link to start the e-commerce application


5. 3D Animation - Prem Somireddy


6. Computer Game and Simulation


7. Website Design - Gilberto Valverde and Elizabeth Dael 


8. Video Trailer - Elizabeth Evangelista and Hana Tyler

From YouTube -