Unit 1. Software Design Principles

Before we begin to develop software, we need to learn some key concepts about computers:

  1. How do computers store and calculate data?
  2. How does a CPU work?
  3. What types of programming languages are there?
  4. What kinds of applications can you develop?
  5. How is software sold and licensed?
  6. What IT careers are available and what do you need to learn to succeed in them?
  7. How does security and encryption work?
  8. What are some major milestones in computer science history?


We'll answer these questions with lesson in Power Point and activities to introduce tools and resources that web developers use.

1. Download the student note book here - 


2. Use the following Power Points for the next few weeks of class.

How does the Internet work ppt

Contents of the archive:

  1. 01 Binary Numbers - Video
  2. 02 How a CPU works
  3. 03 Programming Languages
  4. 04 Types of Programming Languages
  5. 05 Software Licensing
  6. 06 Software Life Cycle
  7. 07 IT Careers
  8. 08 Security and Encryption
  9. 09 IBM Century of Innovation