Unit 5 - Mobile Applications with Android

Android Apps

Follow this link to the YouTube series Android Tutorials for Beginners https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhPyEFL5u-i0O1ASqBiYtjvxQEi0TrMNW

You will create these apps:

1. Jokes App - click buttons that will reveal the answer to a joke

2. Roman Numerals - convert from 2016 to CCXVI

3. Fast Clicker - a speed game to see how many times you can click buttons in 20 seconds

4. Dice Roller - simulate a pair of dice

5. Rock Scissors Paper - play the ancient game against the computer


7. Spin the Bottle - animate a bottle spin to choose who among your group gets chosen

8. Love Meter - check your compatibility with Mr. or Ms. Right