Create a story using names and descriptions that you invent. Fill out all of the items below and click the button.

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Something you do on Saturday:
Another name:
Activity you do at a party:
Feeling or mood:

The birthday party for my friend

My friend, Mike, had his birthday party at McDonalds with 15 other friends and their pets. It was a wild party full of dancing ladies, mariachimusic, playing chess, eating marshmallows, and skydiving.

I hired a clown and a couple of singers to entertain the friends, they put on a bigshow while dancing in swimsuits, huge shoulder pads and waving a baseball bat around.

Mike had a big smile on his little face the whole time when he unwrapped his presents. He got a guitar, an ipad to help him play games, books about how to cook a meal, a new bicycle, several toys and even a life-sized truck to ride around in our garage. He even got cards that literally blinked, and one special card from his cousing that said Baby Baby.

Then we took photos of Mike eating his pizza, stuffing his face with marshmallows, his friend Tom Hanks watching TV and another friend, Tamy, texting on the phone, I guess he had a little too much pizza! Soon after the party was over, he felt euphoric. Let's do this again next year we all said.