Technology Conference

Great motivational speakers

Kobe Bryant will be speaking about his experience as a young player learning to compete in the world's best basketball league.

Job Fair

Make sure you bring your resume. There will be hundreds of companies to take your resume. You probably wont get hired here but you will at least feel like you are getting something done about the unemployment situation.

Great looking speakers

Paris Hilton will probably not say much about anything, but will look really pretty on the stage so we paid her a lot of money to show up and smile.


We want to make sure this will be an entertaining event. We've picked a discussion panel that can't agree on anything. Who knows to what lengths they will go to get attention?

Funny speakers

David Letterman will give us his top ten reasons people pay money to see a speaker live when he or she can see the same jokes on TV for free.

Charts Charts Charts

Our expert consultants will amaze you with their copyrighted diagrams of triangles, double-ended arrows and overlapping circles.

The Party

We assume your company is sponsoring your trip with a generous travel allowance. Any hey, it's a tax-deductable business expense for them so it's almost like free money.

Rich speakers

We'll make sure to fill the podiums with plenty of wealthy people.